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Hi!  I'm Lisa Cranston - Interior Designer!  I established my  practice in 2010 to help homeowners like you have a home they love.  I have a bachelors degree in interior design and was trained by architects to understand design theory and all of the tools of the trade (like Auto CAD and 3D modeling) to ensure that ideas suit and fit a space and you avoid costly mistakes!

I think everyone benefits from using an interior designer so I keep my minimums low and pass along all of my trade discounts to my clients.  This way I make the most of your design dollars and you end up with a home you're proud of!

I find out how you live and entertain so I know how you want your space feel and what it needs to do. 

I focus on your goals and preferences and know where to shop so we make the most of your time and money.

Let me hassle with the details and sort through all of the options so you can enjoy the result!

Less Stress.  More Fun.  Amazing Design.

Our first meeting is free! Email me today!


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Helping homeowners find their personal aesthetic and guide them through selecting the mix of materials that will make it a reality is my favorite part of the job!  There is also a different kind of satisfaction in managing all of the details and part #'s so the contractor has all of the information he needs and we get the result we expect.  Renovations are stressful enough and I can make it all move more smoothly!


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Many of my clients are new to using an interior designer.  Consider me your design side-kick!  The one with all of the answers who makes you feel confident about your decisions! 


I work all over the Seattle area and am just a phone call away!

Let me know how I can help! 



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